Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I really need to blog more!


For lots and lots on reasons.
- As my day to day activities migrate away from academia (for the time being) and more towards programming I want to keep practising the art of writing effective prose.
-Blogging is a very effective (modern) tool to capture the progression of my ideas so I can review them later.
- I have experienced tremendous internal resistance to blogging regularly. Figuring out what can reduce the activation energy to write regularly might hold the key to finding out how to design interfaces with low activation energy to accomplish tasks in general.
- I have this asinine fear of exposing things that aren't perfect or at least close to completed. I need to start embracing organic development and releasing my need to control everything so tightly.
- I need to figure out how to focus my thoughts. Too often I feel the need to give much too long of a pre-amble to establish shared context and then diverge into way to many avenues of the ideas I'm trying to express. This is related to the need to feel like everything I write is "complete."
- But mostly to collect my ideas and share them; I have spurts of creativity that I want to capture both for myself to come back to and think about more deeply later or just so they get out there since I don't have the time to pursue all the ideas that come into my mind.
ASSIDE: My thoughts on distributed cognition and socio-emergence of ideas is probably best left for an entirely separate entry (or set of entries). That's all.

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