Thursday, February 08, 2007

Longing for the end of University


This post won't have much techno-design content but bear with me.

If a day like yesterday can't help me break out of a SAD cycle I don't know what can.

Waterloo this time of year can be really hard on the soul. It's my first Canadian winter in 2 years; I was in California at the VMware head office all of last winter. Let me tell you can get used to a winter in Silicon Valley really fast. To make matters worse Waterloo had a crappy warm month of January. It was really grey and raining without an inch of snow and a miserable 10 degrees (that's about 50 for the other fraction of the world). Then my birthday comes along at the end of January and the temperature drops to -30 (-22 Fahrenheit) WTF mate! Since then Waterloo has been having a record cold streak. I've been stuck with too much school work to help out my team in any meaningful way; not to mention that most of what I have left to learn in class is pretty insignificant compared to what I'm able to learn on my own at this point.

So back to yesterday. I wake up feeling a little more energy than I have had in the last couple days and decide to finally tackle that essay that's due later that afternoon. I'd been mulling it over for about 5 days on and off in my head but in about 2 hours time I put out a pretty kick-ass 5 pager on the impact of electronic forms of communication on the value systems of youth and how academia should change the way it evaluates how youth are impacted by technology. Then I have a bunch of really good interactions with people all day, guitar lesson, finished off with an amazing yoga session (Ashtanga is my medicine of choice for the curious).

I was ready to come home, cook myself a really good meal, shower and take it easy checking up on email etc.

So I start checking work email when what do see. People are talking about this Youtube video of a leak of a really sweet feature we have lined up for Fusion: that's right 3D acceleration in a VM. Since I've been working remotely on my own little features and bogged down with school I hadn't had a chance to see 3D in action on my own computer yet; I was seeing it for the first time like most of you. My jaw literally dropped!

Then I thought my day was really done... NO! I continue checking email and see that they had a synopsis of our quarterly all hands meeting. VMware is going IPO!!! Here's the link to the press release.

I want to be done with school... last week!

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