Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to sleeping a little more... for now

So at Macworld last January I talked to a bunch of people who all wanted Fusion to have better Mac integration. A lot of these questions at the time were prompted by Parallels announcement of Coherence. My answer to all of you at the time was "We (internally) have a bunch of ideas of how to make the integration better. What exactly is it you would like to see; we're listening." Well, we listened: I've been pretty quiet on my blog lately. In January I had to go back to school. Then, because of a turn of personal events I ended up taking some time off from school (sort of). That meant I had more time to work with the rest of the team on Fusion. Well it turns out that timing was just right; I ended up doing a bunch of work on what came to be know as Unity, which all of you can now play around with in the latest beta. You can also get a sneak peak of Unity in a youtube video that Regis and I put together: We still have a bunch of ideas about how to keep pushing the integration even further. If you'd like to give us suggestions about how we can do even better find us at WWDC.

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