Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday evening design shenanigans

I was thinking lately about how to write a blog entry to summarize how everyone always has an opinion on design. Why is it that so many people will always have an opinion about how something should be designed? Software engineers certainly don't have random people walking up to them suggesting how they should architect their next framework. You don't see people randomly telling civil engineers and likewise construction workers how to place the trusses on that new bridge. Better yet, when's the last time you saw a patient tell a surgeon how to perform the procedure (OK I suppose the patients are under... maybe that's what more designers should do with their clients while they are working to come up with a polished idea).

But why bother writing about it... I just stumbled on this tongue-in-cheek song about the most common phrase a designer is likely to here:

If you don't get the song then maybe it's a clue that you should stay out of the way of the designers you are paying so much money for and let them do what they do best.

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