Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waterloo you... amuse me!

So I've now been at the University of Waterloo for 5 years and a month. I've interacted with our retarded PeopleSoft course registration software for about 7 months longer than that. More-so, I've known I wanted to go to Waterloo since about grade 9. For the sake of it though let's just say that I seriously did research about the university starting in grade 10 (Jan. 2000). I know where to go on their web site to get info, I've been doing it for nearly 8 years now. None of the important landing pages or resource pages have changed in that time.

Why oh why then did I get this email late last week:

Hi Shawn,

We want to let you know about our three information websites.

The Quest website at http://quest.uwaterloo.ca offers information about enrolment appointments, deadlines, unofficial transcripts, etc.; the Registrar's Office website at http://registrar.uwaterloo.ca offers information about convocation, final examinations, ordering official transcripts, undergraduate calendar, etc.; and the Student Awards & Financial Aid website at http://safa.uwaterloo.ca offers information about scholarships, bursaries, OSAP, Work Study, etc.

We recommend that you bookmark them for future use.

This mailbox is not monitored; do not reply using your mail "reply" feature.


Office of the Registrar

University of Waterloo


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